The Mercedes & The Mechanic

IMG_7175So, I should start by saying I can not take all the credit for all the work that has been done to Helga since she was acquired several months ago. But, there have been quite a few weekends spent fixing some of the cosmetic details Helga’s previous owners sadly neglected.IMG_7111




IMG_7211It seems a week doesn’t even pass before I see a vintage Mercedes on my Instagram feed. Cars and fashion are no longer limited to editorials in Vogue, Bazaar, and some of my other favorite fashion magazines. What used to be an obvious blend of luxury products has now taken to the social media streets; small brands, big brands, and bloggers alike seem to be leaning towards the synergy of vintage cars and fashion to tell their visual story. Not to leave out the super cars I so eagerly wait to see during Concours; let’s be honest, I love the feeling of speed. And while it’s safe to say we will still see our favorite front row it girls chauffeured around during fashion week in a new Bentley, Mercedes, or BMW, it appears as though fashions “it” car this season is non other than a vintage Benz.

Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 9.27.13 PMThis post comes eagerly awaiting our photo shoot for our Men’s Colletion we are launching, Pacific G. Pacific Gypsea has been blessed by the car gods and will be shooting with one of the best car collections around. Get ready for my Instagram feed to be endless photos of my dream fleet list this Saturday.


Endless Summer 

FullSizeRenderIt’s Indian summer in California and with the excuse of Labor Day weekend I hopped in my vintage Mercedes (aka Helga) and headed to my Dad’s place in San Francisco for some much needed R&R and endless dosas and mimosas, courtesy of my stepmom. After several days of lollygagging on their rooftop terrace in the rare 75 degree heat of the concrete jungle I used to call home, I was ready to head back to Carmel.

FullSizeRender 2It may seem clear by now that when getting ready I challenge myself to maintain an essence of glamour even though comfort has become an essential factor in my fashion equation. Long day dresses have become my go to option when I am required to wear one outfit all day. For example, when road tripping along the California coastline and the only choice of a dressing room is a gas station bathroom that may or may not have a locking door. Transitioning to night is simple with a cropped leather jacket or chunky belted sweater. Perhaps the length of a long dress reminds me of a sari and my Indian bangles seem to always be my choice of jewelry pairing. Plus, who doesn’t like a little arm candy to stare at when driving down the open road.

IMG_1688This was the perfect start to September; There is something about driving with the warm summer wind blowing through my hair that inspires me to create and reminds me of my dreams to continue to build my empire. It’s a rare time in my life when I am not contracting as Creative Director or freelancing as a stylist, so I am extremely excited to have the time to start working on the projects I have been daydreaming about during the beginning my endless summer.