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Annie Get Your Gun

 It seemed like fate that gingham just happened to be one of this seasons biggest trends. It makes life easier when fashion mimics your environment. Gingham is todays adaptation to my wardrobe for my day in the country. After all, if Brigitte Bardot wore a gingham dress on her wedding day I could definitely incorporate it into my look. 

 I paired my gingham J. Crew popover with a skirt by Proenza Schouler, J. Crew beaded stacked heels, and a vintage necklace. There is a certain confident feeling I get when I mix two patterns; in this case gingham and stripes. It is walking out the door with a guarantee that no one will be wearing the same outfit as you… think back to Kelly Taylor and Brenda Walsh and the infamous prom dress. My nightmare. 

 My return to the ranch is bittersweet today, it will be the last day of my country sabbatical. However, I am excited to start working with the very talented Ashley Yeates in Carmel next month.  One last night of wrapping myself in cashmere and sitting by the outdoor fireplace before I hunt for the perfect beach bungalow. Cue Wilco & Billy Braggs Califonia Stars.