The Food & Drink Of The Gods

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.43.38 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.40.40 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-27 at 3.47.17 PMMost of my weekends tend to be about comfort as part of owning a business means working 7 days a week (and with my back as I’ve mentioned many times now) I tend to live in cashmere sweaters and joggers. While I did do a fair amount of work, this last weekend was a bit more “wild” than normal with an impromptu party on my stoop, which has been named “Le Stoop”, a lovely date, and a very disappointing and emotional soccer match. With a weekend like that it was safe to say I woke up wanting not just the comfort of clothing but comfort food as well.
I am asked quite frequently what my favorite Indian restaurant is, which was always so impossible to answer as I was spoiled with a Mom who cooked like an Indian chef. But, since her passing, I do seek out Indian restaurants more than I used to as it is definitely one of my versions of comfort food. So of course, after a busy morning as we are uploading new products to the Pacific Gypsea website, my business partner and I thought it best to have a much needed Lychee Martini lunch at Ambrosia India Bistro. How could we not pick a restaurant whose name, in Hindi, translates to the food and drink of the Gods in Hindu mythology?
Outfitted in a very comfy pair of silk pants and a vest to hide the amount of food I was prepared to consume from the buffet, my Monday thankfully turned out to not just be about the comfort of my clothing but comfort of food as well. Which growing up in my household was very important and remains that way.
Ambrosia was everything I could have asked for out of an Indian restaurant; for a moment I felt like I could walk past the green gates of their outdoor garden/ eating area and I would be dodging scooters and rickshaws in Bombay after my meal. Every bit as traditional as most Indian restaurants but with a unique ambiance, I would recommend this restaurants location to anyone looking to spice up their palates while on the Central Coast of California. The pictures above are mixed with pictures from my last trip to India as my after lunch siesta had me dreaming about going to my mother’s land.

Ambrosia India Bistro | 565 Abrego Street | Monterey California

Pants: Marabelle | Top: M Missoni | Vest: Diane Von Furstenberg | Necklaces: Pacific Gypsea | Belt: Linea Pelle | Earrings: from Argentina | Sandals: Sam Edelman


The Foodie Edition

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  1. Christofle Chopsticks  |  2. Nate Berkus Cheese Knives  |  3. Tom Dixon Mortar & Pestle  |  4. Vermont Rolling Pins  |  5. Khai Khai Necklace  |  6. Sir Madam Dish Cloths  |  7. Restoration Hardware Cookie Stamp  |  8. Valfre Iphone Case  |  9. Michael Aram Dish  |  10. Joseph Williams Napkin Ring  |  11. Anthropologie Cocktail Napkins  |  12. Mariska Meijers Tray  |  13. World Market Napkins  |  14. Milk Bar Life Book  |  15. Flight 001 Eye mask  |  16. Singer Espresso Cup  |  17. Emile Henry Pie Dish  |  18. Fenton & Fenton Inflatable Pool Toys  |  19. Katy Briscoe Home Salt & Pepper Set  |  20. Craft A Brew Kit  |  21. ABC Home Bowl  |  22. Evolve Fit Wear Leggings  |  23. Celina Mancurti Apron  |  24. Masala Mama Produce Bags  |  25. Uncommon Goods Spice Kit