Forever Young

IMG_8750IMG_8746IMG_8760I have memories of rolling my eyes as I would walk to the office at school to pick up my warm, home cooked lunch everyday. After all, like most kids I hated anything that made me different. It probably wasn’t until the first time I had to cook for myself and prepare my meals that I realized the effort that my Mother put into making sure I had the best food everyday for lunch. That was kind of the theme growing up, she wanted the best for my brother and I. She encouraged us always to pursue our interests and this was usually by us somehow studying about what it was we were interested in. Education was always so important to her, perhaps it was due to the fact that she triple majored in college. But there was so much kindness in everything she did for not just my brother and I but every person that crossed her path and I truly believed she taught many lessons to many people.
Losing her was by far the scariest thing I have ever been through. I still had so many questions; but as time has past I realize that I am just as spiritual as her and I know that she is with me somehow everyday; a day has yet to pass I don’t think about all that she taught me. One of the most important lessons she taught me was how to love with pureness and passion. Her name, Taruna, in Sanskrit means forever young and that’s how she lived her life, with the pureness and passion of a child. When she was younger she was a poet and a classical trained dancer and I watched my mother dance her way through life, graceful and as beautiful as the poetry she used to write. Since I don’t have her here today to hug, I encourage all of you that do have your Moms with you still to call them, hug them, and let them now how much you appreciate them. Happy Mother’s Day Mommy.IMG_8783


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