Sweaters & Swimsuits

IMG_2110 (1)

IMG_2203 (1)


Every fall I find myself bored of my summer cover ups and look forward to a look I personally can not get enough of, the sweater and swimsuit. Whether a cardi or fisherman crewneck, there is something so cozy about wrapping yourself up in a knit over your swimsuit; Similar to the feeling you get after shaving your legs and getting into bed!

This look also happens to keep me sane as images of floaty, sheer fabrics are on the runway, but as September comes to an end, so do the warm temperatures. Mixing sheer pieces with chunky knits happens to be my answer to most transitional seasons.

Swimsuit: Vix | Cardigan: Michael Kors | Pareo: Miss Maharaja | Jewelry: Vintage Tote: Roberto Cavalli


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