Beauty & The Beast

After two days of laying parallel with the unglamorous beast I know as back pain and a day filled in sterile waiting rooms, I had to inject a comfortable, yet major dose of fucking awesome into my wardrobe. So, I did the responsible thing by buying a pair of leather Belle by Sigerson Morrison sneakers to assist with the ongoing transition of my heel shrinking shoe collection.

 While I am ever so pleased that sneakers are spotted on my fellow bloggers and it girls alike, it has not been the easiest style transition for myself. Having a size 9.5 foot and being 5’10” tall, athletic shoes tend to loose any form of femininity even when paired with a floral midi. Sneakers in the form of braided leather however, is more up my ally and much easier to pair with my floaty, sheer pieces.

 It is my understanding (tone: sarcastic) that my flat leather sandals do not provide enough support for lower back pain. Really..because robbing me of my heels is not enough. At least Sigerson Morrison just gave me a little glimpse of shimmering, sheep, leather hope that I can still do me. Just not the runway height version.

 Vest: Diane Von Furstenberg | Top: Gucci | Skirt: Helmut Lang | Shoes: Belle by Sigerson Morrison


2 thoughts on “Beauty & The Beast

  1. Nice summary of the fashion shows Miss Maharaja! Nice to get an expert eye to sift through the dozens of items on display. Thank you!

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