Sweaters & Swimsuits

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Every fall I find myself bored of my summer cover ups and look forward to a look I personally can not get enough of, the sweater and swimsuit. Whether a cardi or fisherman crewneck, there is something so cozy about wrapping yourself up in a knit over your swimsuit; Similar to the feeling you get after shaving your legs and getting into bed!

This look also happens to keep me sane as images of floaty, sheer fabrics are on the runway, but as September comes to an end, so do the warm temperatures. Mixing sheer pieces with chunky knits happens to be my answer to most transitional seasons.

Swimsuit: Vix | Cardigan: Michael Kors | Pareo: Miss Maharaja | Jewelry: Vintage Tote: Roberto Cavalli

Up In The Air





What is it about Beverley Hills that makes every girl feel like they are experiencing some sort of Pretty Woman moment? While my days have not been filled with bubble baths and Richard Gere seems to be nowhere present, shopping in la la land for a client has me dreaming of khaki silk short suits and thigh high boots. Not to be worn together…

Volume was a huge trend (pun intended) at NYFW and luckily I packed an easy a-line dress to keep me comfortable during my hunt for the perfect pieces today. I will happily be injecting volume into mine and my clients wardrobes for SS16 as I definitely got my fix of bodycon dresses living in Miami!

Dress: Forever21 | Shoes: Miu Miu | Bag: Gucci

Seeing Stripes

IMG_6356Only two more days of NYFW Street Style shots filling my Instagram feed; I am not looking forward to the transition back to different variations of avocado on toast and inspirational quotes followed by #enlightened. This season I was not front and center at the shows, my California Endless Summer tour continues in LA the next few days. That being said, I can not be more thankful to the designers who have streamed their shows live. Between that, Twitter, and Instagram, I almost feel like I am standing on a corner in Brooklyn about to throw my phone in the street waiting for a Uber in the most uncomfortable shoes I own and late for the next show.IMG_2019

I have been seeing your usual suspects during the SS16 season shows- botanical inspired prints, crochet, and muted pastels in light, easy fabrics. One trend I was particularly happy to see is black and white stripes. Whether it was mixed mediums or to offer structure to the garment, hints of black and white have been popping up on the runways the past few days; I have full faith that the London shows will continue to bring a little edge to our SS16 wardrobes.


Dress: Forever21 | Belt: Linea Pelle | Boots: Arandu Argentina

Endless Summer 

FullSizeRenderIt’s Indian summer in California and with the excuse of Labor Day weekend I hopped in my vintage Mercedes (aka Helga) and headed to my Dad’s place in San Francisco for some much needed R&R and endless dosas and mimosas, courtesy of my stepmom. After several days of lollygagging on their rooftop terrace in the rare 75 degree heat of the concrete jungle I used to call home, I was ready to head back to Carmel.

FullSizeRender 2It may seem clear by now that when getting ready I challenge myself to maintain an essence of glamour even though comfort has become an essential factor in my fashion equation. Long day dresses have become my go to option when I am required to wear one outfit all day. For example, when road tripping along the California coastline and the only choice of a dressing room is a gas station bathroom that may or may not have a locking door. Transitioning to night is simple with a cropped leather jacket or chunky belted sweater. Perhaps the length of a long dress reminds me of a sari and my Indian bangles seem to always be my choice of jewelry pairing. Plus, who doesn’t like a little arm candy to stare at when driving down the open road.

IMG_1688This was the perfect start to September; There is something about driving with the warm summer wind blowing through my hair that inspires me to create and reminds me of my dreams to continue to build my empire. It’s a rare time in my life when I am not contracting as Creative Director or freelancing as a stylist, so I am extremely excited to have the time to start working on the projects I have been daydreaming about during the beginning my endless summer.

Beauty & The Beast

After two days of laying parallel with the unglamorous beast I know as back pain and a day filled in sterile waiting rooms, I had to inject a comfortable, yet major dose of fucking awesome into my wardrobe. So, I did the responsible thing by buying a pair of leather Belle by Sigerson Morrison sneakers to assist with the ongoing transition of my heel shrinking shoe collection.

 While I am ever so pleased that sneakers are spotted on my fellow bloggers and it girls alike, it has not been the easiest style transition for myself. Having a size 9.5 foot and being 5’10” tall, athletic shoes tend to loose any form of femininity even when paired with a floral midi. Sneakers in the form of braided leather however, is more up my ally and much easier to pair with my floaty, sheer pieces.

 It is my understanding (tone: sarcastic) that my flat leather sandals do not provide enough support for lower back pain. Really..because robbing me of my heels is not enough. At least Sigerson Morrison just gave me a little glimpse of shimmering, sheep, leather hope that I can still do me. Just not the runway height version.

 Vest: Diane Von Furstenberg | Top: Gucci | Skirt: Helmut Lang | Shoes: Belle by Sigerson Morrison