Big Sur 

 By now it may be obvious, particularly by my lack of blog posts, that this tiny California beach town is anything but sleepy. The last to weeks the roar of engines took over the sound of the waves. Nights were filled with beautiful cars, epic views, and good friends. I’m finally back in California.   My childhood memories of Carmel can pretty much be summed up by the time I found a box of bunnies in an artichoke field and convinced my parents to adopt another pet and many weekends of searching for restaurants that would seat 5 children, 5 Argentines and a tiny Indian lady, my beautiful mother.

 While contemplating the move for my last freelance job, Mr Maharaja and I found any excuse to venture through the storybook beach town and drive along the coast to Ventana. Now that I’m here we still find any excuse to lay in their Japanese baths and stare at the stars in the magical (no seriously) Big Sur sky. The healing waters from the natural hot springs are one of the few reasons you will leave this place embracing your inner hippie. The other reason may be the clothing optional suggestion, meaning being naked is highly encouraged. That being said, I can only take embracing my inner hippie so far and dinning on micro greens with a low sodium over cooked piece of fish is not funny. The only thing I want to embrace after a beautiful hike through the grounds is a large bowl of pasta with venisin ragout and shaved Parmesan… NO, burrata!

 After an exhausting car week, Mr Maharaja and I decided to head to Ventana for a relaxing weekend. Armed with a basket of empanadas and wearing my favorite travel dress from H&M and my riding boots I’m ready for another amazing evening hiking through Ventana with my love.


The Corporal & The Convertible

IMG_0819 (1)Time seems to be going faster than normal since my move to Carmel, partially because of the beautiful convertibles I have had access to this summer. Driving up and down the coast of Pebble Beach through Carmel has become somewhat of my morning ritual, often taking conference calls on the coast.IMG_0824

My layering skills have truly been tested as my will power for driving with the top up is practically non-existent. Driving to a photo shoot this morning in this Jag, I needed just a light extra layer so I paired green army vest over my super soft jumpsuit by Heucy. Heucy is one of my new favorite sustainable lines by former creative director at Cynthia Steffe, Suwha Hong, and her business partner, Henrietta Pertuz. IMG_0873 (1)

Comfort is actually important to me, but I prefer if my comfort comes in the form of Gucci, like my flats, or Oscar De La Renta, like my belt. Not to say I don’t mix in the affordable, my vest being from Forever 21. I simply wouldn’t say no to a closet full of Gucci sandals and boots or a driveway full of Maseratis, Land Rovers, and Jaguars. Concours d’Elegance can not come soon enough.FullSizeRender