Back Roads

IMG_9588Today I was scouting for locations through the back roads of Pacific Grove. Each corner more magnificent than the next, I had to take part of my adventure on foot in my Prada suede booties and backless H&M dress. IMG_9616

Almost every surface of this beach town is covered in elements that highlight the marriage of the forest and the ocean. Beach cottages surrounded by pine and eucalyptus trees, deer grazing through sand dunes, and that mystical California summer fog- it’s no surprise monarch butterflies choose to migrate here every year. IMG_9640   IMG_9642  IMG_9651Backless dresses have become quite an obsession of mine; there is something sexy about the surprise of an unexpected cutout. Season after season we have seen backless dresses add a bit of femme fatal to otherwise simple shapes- this season of course being no different. 


Hello Sailor & Gucci

IMG_9423It’s been a wild week; starting with designing a storefront, leading into half decorating my new little beach bungalow, and ending with a three day trunk show. I was pleased the general hue of the day was grey as it only prompted me to wrap myself in a cashmere cocoon and lay in bed with a glass of wine as I write this evening. Not surprising, as I tend to lean towards my MeMoi cashmere tights on days like today. For my new life by the sea and a very busy sceadule, I decided to channel my inner Parisian and go with an American Apparel stripped boat neck and black blazer today. The cut offs paired with the tights and Chloé boots was the perfect juxtaposition to mimic my week of being in an office near the beach. I couldn’t help but sneak in a brief moment of listening to the waves crash before retreating this evening. I can’t wait to start exploring this little beach town next week.


IMG_9224  J.R. R. Tolkien put it so eloquently when he wrote, “not all that wander are lost.” Some of us actually find a romantic element to life like a gypsy, or in my case a maharaja.IMG_9297Since Wednesday, I have found a cute little beach bungalow in Pacific Grove and started a new contract job with a very talented designer out of Carmel. As much as I’ve loved traveling around for almost the past year I am extremely excited to have the rest of my wardrobe shipped here. It has been so long since I have seen some of my trusted go to pieces and lived in one place for more than 3 months. IMG_9300I have a lovely friends beach home to stay in until Monday. It has been epic waking up to a private beach and the smell of saltwater in the air every morning. The stretch of beach that I am on is known for its whale watching and I have been fortunate to see the majestic beasts play in the ocean every evening while I sit on the deck sipping a dry California cabernet. I was told that spotting a whale is a sign of new life. I would like to think the whales are just letting me know they approve of me sharing the ocean with them in California.IMG_9231Dress: Forever21 | Shoes: Prada | Blanket Coat: handmade in Oregon | Belt: vintage Ralph Lauren | Necklace: Neiman Marcus | Scarf: Ramona La Rue